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Automated and real-time inventory

An innovative geolocation system in line with smart industry

Our geolocation system is particularly relevant if you have to manage complex inventory control.

This is particularly the case when you have many references to process and/or when you handle components and raw materials with similar packaging on a daily basis. It then becomes difficult and tedious to find references.

Our solution is based on labelling your products with NFC tags. Electronic labels give them a unique identification number.
An application allows you to precisely geolocate your product and indicates its location by a light signal, known as a « pick to light » system.

When your product is moved, the application allows you to follow its movements in almost real time.

Smart industry

Our application areas in Industry

Centiloc for all warehouses

A solution for the different types of storage in smart industries

In a very constrained environment the inventory is always a difficult work due to the difficulty of access to the products.

As Centiloc technology is embedded into furniture, it will allow for example to make the automated inventory of a 90 min resistant Fire Cabinet even if the doors are closed.

Industrial refrigerator

Fireproof cabinet

Drawer cabinet


Automated inventory for Industry 4.0

Main benefits

Additional benefits

  • The Centiloc solution allows you to monitor stocks in your establishment. By connecting your stock directly to your ERP, you will know in real time the exact quantities available on your smart shelves.
  • Each item is geolocated at centimetre level and the system will help you find what you are looking for.
  • Better FIFO management will reduce the waste of products with an expiry date.
  • In a refrigerator, the system can determine how long the products have been left out.
  • For tool tracking, you will be sure to use the right tool, the calibrated one, and avoid that no tool has been forgotten in the product you are assembling.
  • Quality processes will be respected thanks to an accurate traceability of the tasks performed.


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