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The technological solution offered by Centiloc to modernize your company is structured around four key components.

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The sensor

Indeed, this technological prowess developed by Centiloc constitutes the basis of Centiloc's offer. This NFC board embeds a technology with 8 patents, which ensures its totally unique and irreproducible  character. The Centiloc board comes in three standardized sizes: the largest being 1000*400mm followed by 500*200 mm, and 300*150 mm.  

Moreover, this tray can be delivered in a box or un OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). To better cater to your preferences and requirements, this geolocation sensor is totally customizable. If you have aesthetic or practical needs, you can integrate the OEM directly into your furniture, or you can simply place the box on your shelf.

OEM and casing representation :



The casing also equips you with a metal shield. Indeed, the casing is designed in a way that ensures the metal shelves cannot affect the results emitted by the board. 

System architecture :



Our software

Developed by our teams, this software allows us to retrieve all the geolocation data that the tray can provide. This API will allow you to get the information from the sensor to retrieve the identification and position of the objects at the centimeter level. Centiloc offers to provide this geolocation software on premise or in the cloud depending on your needs. 


La solution Centiloc comprend également des étiquettes NFC. Centiloc propose une gamme d'options d'étiquettes de différentes tailles et offre des conseils pour choisir l'étiquette la plus efficace et adaptée à vos produits.


Set-up assistance

Centiloc provides detailed and precise documentation that will assist you in setting up the solution in your work environment. Your satisfaction is our priority, and everything is put in place to facilitate an efficient and swift deployment. Centiloc's customer support remains available for any questions and inquiries via phone or email.

Furthermore, a tagging training is available if needed.