Simple implementation

The real strength of the Centiloc solution lies in its easy implementation within your business. It was important for us to be a tool that is added to what already exists within the organization in order to improve the conditions of what already exists. 

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NFC is part of the solution RFID family

First of all, it is important to remember that NFC is part of the RFID family and therefore our NFC solution is also an RFID technology in the broadest sense. 

This will mean that any space or location that already has an RFID system, NFC will not change this existing implementation in any way. In the case of a space or location where there is no radio wave technology, the implementation of our solution is quite simple and adaptable to each type of need. 

A brand-new implementation 

We can propose several types of implementation within a business. The first is to deliver trays in a case in order to place the tray wherever you want. This can range from a simple work surface to an existing shelf unit that can have several trays.

Centiloc's aim was to create trays that would require no effort on the part of the user to install and not have to change the entire layout in order to adopt the RFID solution. The only prerequisite is a cable to supply the tray with power, but which also transmits the data to the various connected servers.

Existing storage spaces

Our trays can also be supplied without casing. This means that the RFID solution can be delivered with theOEM only, so that it can be installed anywhere. The strong point of our trays is that they are only 2 centimeters thick, which means that they can be installed quite easily in any drawer, shelf or even piece of furniture. 

Existing shelves or other storage areas can then easily be equipped with Centiloc technology. Whether in a closed environment or not, our technology is adaptable and will work in any environment, which is a real plus. For example, you will no longer need to open fireproof cabinets to find out what is inside, because the RFID solution with the use of Centiloc's NFC will be able to locate the items inside these closed storage units and also to carry out an inventory.

What about items ?

In order to work with its trays, each object or element to be tracked will be stuck with an NFC tag. The process is remarkably simple as it only consists in sticking a tag like a sticker on the items you want to be able to track and geolocate on the trays.

There are diverse types of tags to meet diverse needs (detection distance, all-metal environment, ect.). The placement of tags is completely free as we are able to provide tags for you to place on the items to be tracked.