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The 3 founders, Romain, Loic and Frederick have known each other for a very long time. They are more than a team of founders, they are friends who worked together on many industrial projects in the past. They get to know each other in several big corporations like STMicroelectronics, ATMEL or Safran.

It was their shared passion for technology and innovation that led them to embark on the Centiloc journey.

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Romain Palmade

PDG et Cofounder

"I have always been passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship. After 20 years spent in large groups working on contactless technology where I filed several patents. I naturally turned to business creation and NFC geolocation which offers great opportunities for new application".

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Frédérick Bonnin

COO & Cofounder

"The creation of Centiloc is an opportunity to build an innovative and ambitious solution, putting to the test the quality, communication and development methods built up over 15 years of experience. We are making incredible products, meeting tangible market expectations, surrounded by brillant and progressive collaborators... Isn't this the best professional stimulation one could wish for ?" 

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Loïc Henninot

CTO & Cofounder

It's a pride to share the adventure with Romain and Frederick, with whom i have shared most of my professional career. We have capitalised on our experience and made the most of it to come up with Centiloc's NFC geolocation solution. There is no equivalent on the market and this is a must have to boost our customers' productivity".

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The Centiloc team is built around a group of NFC experts

Because of our geographical location in the "Smartcard Valley" where a lot of  NFC technology companies were born, the members of our team have a long experience of this technology. People have worked in the past for specialized companies like semiconductor manufacturers, smartcard embedders, OS providers or design houses. 

As a consequence they have the knowledge acquired on passed complex projects around identification. Several projects concerned identification of people or goods. They have participated in delivering billions of smart objects for various applications like Electronic Passport, Banking Cards or POS systems.

In addition our NFC experts were recognized worlwide by participating in standardization comittees like ISO organization offers. Contributing to new standards around contactless and NFC technology at the NFC Forum.



The project was supported from the beginning by a large community : 

​Incubateur Belle de Mai                                                                 

​Communauté du Pays d’Aix                                                            

​BPI France                                                                                        

​Pole SCS                                                                                           

Centiloc won the very prestigious I-Nov innovation challenge in 2020 and the award startup 3.