Centiloc NFC technology

Our solution relies on our expertise in NFC technology. Offering unparalleled reliability and precision in the field of identification technology. 100% or your object's location is centimeter accurate. This applies tostorage solutions where it is imperative that they remain closed, regardless of the size of the warehouses.

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Centiloc unique sensors

Centiloc designs sensors that are unique on the market and protected by patents.

With their unusual dimensions, up to one meter long, they are placed directly on top or inside of your shelves. Today it is physically impossible to realize antennas longer than 30cm.
On account of a patented system, Centiloc has lifted this technological barrier and are making 
sensors that embed geolocation algorithms.
The entire surface of the sensors is sensitive and allows date to be collected and obtain centimeter accuracy ! Several sizes are available. we guarantee seamless date collection and transmission. Our connected surfaces are compatible with worldwide standards like ISO 14443 and ISO 15693.

They will act as NFC readers using the NFC forum Type 2 or Type 5 communication protocol. Based on the well adopted 13.56 MHz frequency, our sensors could be deployed anywhere. It is enriched by Bluetooth, Wifi and RS485 communication protocols. 

« Pick to light » system

Our sensors create a communicating environment. They interact with each product that is equipped with an NFC tag which gives it a unique identity. You can track the location of the product you are looking for at any time due to an ergonomic application.

Its location is "doubly" indicated: digitally by a digital twin model which represents the shelf where your product is placed and physically due to a LED lighting system called "pick to light". LED lights up on the shelf at the shelf at the exact location of the product.
On account of Bluetooth, our sensors also communicate with smartphones, smart wristbands or connected badges.

Bring together physical and digital worlds

NFC technology is at the heart of electronic architecture. It is enriched by both bluetooth and wifi systems. The unique combination of NFC and Bluetooth allows our solution to cross-reference the position of an object with that of a person thanks to his smartphone.

This functionality allows us to study the  movements of visitors in the shops. With its smart sensors, Centiloc aims to bring the physical and digital worlds closer together in various fields, particularly in retail and industry.  



Near Field Communication, also knows as NFC, is a very well-know and mature technology. It is used for decades in various application fields like, transportation cards, access control badges, EMV contactless banking cards, ICAO electronic passports and mobile phones.

What NFC brings is a very convenient way to identify a person or a pay for something without introducing a card into a reader. 

Promoted by NFC Forum association, it is deployed worldwide thanks to standardization.

It's an incredibly versatile technology since an NFC tag is slim and can be integrated into any object by either adhering it or embedding it within plastic components.



Centiloc has developed a specific Sensors technology that is able to geolocalize a NFC tag at the centimeter level. 

First the sensors have very large dimensions which could be up to one meter long.

This is unusual for RF sensors like NFC readers.

The Centiloc unique technology allows it to reach these large sizes to comply with the shelves constraints.

Secondly our boards put on the shelves support free placement, meaning that you can position the object to trace anywhere on the surface. The Centiloc geolocation technology helps to determine the XY exact position on top of the board.

NFC is a passive technology which doesn't require any battery to operate. The NFC sensor will generate a field to power the NFC Tag meaning that no wires are used in the wireless communication. 

So NFC tags can be sticked to any object to track it. These are standard tags, and not specifically modified to work with Centiloc sensors. The geolocation technology is designed into the boards, whatever type of NFC tags are used. 

NF​C Tags 

A NFC Tag is placed on each product. Each NFC Tag has a unique ID to ensure a perfect traceability. 

Smart Shelves 

​Tagged Products are placed on the geolocation sensors which are placed directly on the top or inside of your shelves. Led lights up on the self at the exact location of the product.

On premise or cloud software

Smart shelves collect data and send it to dedicated and secure server.

Digital twin or ERP connection

Geolocation data can be used to build a digital twin of your shelves ot to make automated inventory directly into your ERP.