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Geolocation service

Geolocation is at the heart of the Centiloc solution

A real time tracking system which allows real-time knowledge

Centiloc’s primary aim is to help you waste less time and ensure the quality of your processes. This means making daily tasks accessible and above all avoiding the loss of objects due to bad communication or bad storage.
The real time tracking system will allow you to know, at the moment of the search, where the searched item is located.
This tracking solution will show you where the product is and not where it is supposed to be stored by using its geolocation thanks to the NFC tag placed on the object and the interaction with our sensors.

Knowing exactly where our product is located

Today, productivity is becoming a real issue. The more efficient we are in the workplace, the higher the production and the higher the sales volume will be. It is in this perspective that Centiloc will allow you to gain productivity with this object tracking solution.
It is easy to geolocate your items via a software directly linked to your ERP with the direct status of your inventory. Moreover, our system will allow you to know the centimetre where your item is located.
We have decided to use the strength of NFC technology, which allows us to be very precise. Indeed, working at a few centimeters distance between the tag and the sensor, this technology will be able to geolocate very precisely the items with a tag.

Real time tracking system

How does the geolocation of our tracking solution work?

The intelligent boards developed by Centiloc are equipped with sensors that enable geolocation by determining the exact XY position on the top of the board.

The association of our board with NFC technology, conveyed by tags affixed to the elements to be located, will thus make it possible to facilitate redundant tasks such as inventory thanks to a total automatic inventory based on the geolocation of the elements.

Finally, it is the strength of NFC technology that will enable geolocation to within a few centimetres of the various items to be tracked, as NFC only works within a few centimetres of detection.

This allows Centiloc technology to offer a high-performance tracking solution to meet your needs and facilitate some of your most tedious tasks.


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