NFC geolocation technology
for automated inventory

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How NFC geolocation works?

Thanks to NFC geolocation, you can track the status of your inventory in real time, in a simple and visual way.
Inventory no longer requires human intervention. It’s totally automated.

NFC Tags

A NFC Tag is placed on each product. Each NFC Tag has a unique ID to ensure a perfect traceability.

Smart Shelves

Tagged Products are placed on the Geolocation Sensors which are placed directly on the top or inside of your shelves.
Led lights up on the self at the exact location of the product.

On premise or cloud software

Smart Shelves collect data and send it to dedicated and secure server.

Digital twin or ERP connection

Geolocation data can be used to build a digital twin of your shelves or to make automated inventory directly into your ERP.

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Centiloc application areas

The Centiloc solution is particularly adapted for various industries: C-part and OEM, metrology, aerospace, logistic, warehousing, chemistry, nuclear, new space, agri-food, as well as retail and gaming.


Thanks to its centimetre accuracy, Centiloc is able to help you locate all the important industrial elements so as not to lose them.

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These elements are often very abundant but difficult to find, Centiloc will enable them to be geolocated.

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Centiloc sensors can be easily adapted to different furniture within a factory or warehouse and allow for the tracking and tracing of items.

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The real strength of Centiloc’s technology is that it is easy to integrate absolutely everywhere, which also makes it easy to use.

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Our sensors allow us to guarantee a certain quality of all items with an NFC tag, which is essential in the world of metrology.

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Centiloc enables retail players to become a player in a phygital world, a concept that is developing more and more with certain opportunities to be seized.

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Centiloc technology changes the traditional view of a board game by simplifying the transition to a hybrid game.

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