Our sensors collect and transmit geolocated data using NFC technology

Our sensors are of large size for a maximum localization area.

Accurately track the movement of your products, even from a distance.

The tag assigns a unique identifier to each product.

Thanks to the digital twin, manage your planogram perfectly

No need to go to the cash register thanks to the coupling of NFC and Bluetooth technologies.

In Industry, our pick to light system shows you where the product you are looking for is located.

Save time and valuable informations with our smart shelves

The strengths of our solution:

  • 100% object detection rate.
  • Precision to the nearest cm.
  • No breaks in the data transmission
  • The whole surface of the shelf is useful.
  • Intuitive and easy to deploy

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Centiloc has a solid know-how, more than 20 years, in the design of electronic cards and an accomplished mastery of NFC (Near Field Contact) technology, made popular by contactless payment.

Don’t waste time looking for the product, the component, the raw material you need! A unique identification number allows you to know at any time where the product you are looking for is located…

Follow all the movements of your objects remotely and in almost real time thanks to the digital twin of your connected shelf.

The sensor creates a communicating environment. It interacts with each product equipped with a smart tag. Thanks to bluetooth It also communicates with smartphones , bracelets or connected badges.

Our sensors are easy to integrate above or inside the shelves. They have a small footprint.
A 5V power supply is sufficient.



Centiloc aims to bring together the physical and digital worlds in various fields, particularly in the retail and industrial sectors.

Paris Retail Week

 will exhibit at Paris Retail Week on booth
VUP 028.
We will show our disruptive solution for products geolocation…


Centiloc in pictures

        A little less than a week ago, our premises
were transformed for a day into a photo
and film studio…