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Centiloc’s technology

A simple offer based on four pillars

The sensor

Indeed, this technological prowess developed by Centiloc constitutes the basis of Centiloc’s offer. This NFC board embeds a technology with 8 patents, which ensures its totally unique and irreproducible character. This Geolocation Sensor is totally customizable in terms of dimensions at the request of the customer because we have an internal R&D department that allows us to meet these needs. Moreover, this tray can be delivered in a box or in OEM.

Our software

Developed by our teams, this software allows us to retrieve all the geolocation data that the tray can provide. This API will allow you to get the information from the sensor to retrieve the identification and position of the objects at the centimeter level. Centiloc offers to provide this geolocation software on premise or in the cloud depending on your needs.

ERP and PLM softwares connectors

Centiloc provides connectors for SAP, Siemens, Dassault Systems, PTC… in order to connect the raw data coming from the geolocation software directly to your IT services or your dashboard. We then propose packs according to the number of users to provide these connectors. The offer consists of packs for 15 users or 50 users.


The use of the Centiloc solution deserves a complete training in order to develop all the potential that our solution can bring you. In the interest of progress, we wish to update and improve the functionalities continuously. This is why a training certificate will be given to you in order to attest that the Centiloc tool will be well used. This certificate will be renewed every 3 years in order to keep up to date with the latest functionalities and precautions of use.


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