Centiloc specializes in the design of electronic systems whose most notable specificity is their ability to geolocate objects of different sizes and compositions with a very high degree of accuracy (in the centimeter range).

Our company has a solid know-how, more than 20 years, in the design of electronic cards and an accomplished mastery of NFC (Near Field Contact) technology, made popular by contactless payment.

To be innovative is also to believe in one’s skills, where the vast majority of players have launched into other technologies for the identification and traceability of objects: RFID, computer vision… We have chosen NFC, which offers an undeniable competitive advantage for certain applications.

8 patents protect and guarantee our innovations.

With a mastery of its technology, Centiloc aims to bring together the physical and digital worlds in various fields, particularly in the retail and industrial sectors.

Our team is composed of about fifteen employees, mainly engineers specialized in electronics, embedded software and cloud.