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Help your productivity

Saving time and money

We can often find ourselves in a situation where we spend dozens of minutes looking for something that we have misplaced or misplaced. This can happen in everyday life but also at work and the impact will be totally different as it will directly affect production.
Morally, the loss of time is very distressing as one can feel unproductive because of an external element and the nerves are put to the test. In order to solve this problem, Centiloc, via its automated inventory system, will ensure a good understanding of stocks but also facilitate the search for items so that this task is no longer a constraint.

The time saved will therefore be reflected in the productivity of each individual and avoid losing money due to time wasting.

Supply chain Kanban

Optimisation thanks to the Kanban system

The geolocation solution offered by Centiloc also allows for the optimisation of storage and stock monitoring. The Centiloc technology can be based on the Kanban inventory in order to track these bins with reference to what is inside them.

The optimisation offered by Centiloc therefore involves a much more structured and user-friendly system, as it is naturally easier to find your way around. In this way, we will enable you to revitalise your stock management while optimising the entire production chain with significant time savings, fewer costs that would normally be avoided and, finally, by using a Kanban supply chain.


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