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New space & defense

A new technology for the new space industry

Newspace industry is transforming rapidly by the arrival of new actors in the market. New concepts like satellite constellations have brought a new paradigm in the sector.

The future needs will be to produce Satellites in larger quantities with shorter deadlines but a maintained quality for successful launch of projects.

That’s where the Centiloc solution will help in Newspace, because tracking objects in a manufacturing environment will enhance the quality process and preserve reliability even with larger volumes produced.

The notion of FOD (Foreign Object Damage), a term specific to aerospace and newspace, is an important issue for Centiloc. Indeed, there are many issues at stake in terms of safety, first of all, as well as cost reduction.

Centiloc’s technology will enable you to avoid losing tools and will also enable you to trace them so that you know where they are or where the last place where the tool was located is. In terms of cost reduction, our NFC-based geolocation system will not only optimize processes, but also reduce the cost of replacing lost or defective tools. FOD remains a scourge to be fought in industry as it can lead to massive delays in production, damage to parts and injuries to the users of these objects in poor condition.

Centiloc for all warehouses

A solution for the different types of storage in smart industries

Industrial shelves

Fireproof cabinet

Drawer cabinet

Industrial worktop


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