The end of tedious tasks

A system that allows automatic replenishment

In order to provide even more comfort and flexibility, the technology developed by Centiloc can detect when an element is missing and we need to move to the next reserve stock. Thus, the Centiloc solution will be directly linked to the ERP in order to automatically fill the stock. A new order is placed and thanks to this, we can avoid a stock shortage.

No manual assistance required

A real comfort compared to traditional stock management

This technology brings a modern wind in the way of functioning when one treats its stock. Indeed, everything is processed automatically, which avoids regular manual interactions.
You will no longer have to worry about stock statements because everything will be done automatically and especially in real time. The automatic filling is effective so that you never run out of this or that element, which is often essential to your production. It is unthinkable to have to put a production on stand-by because of a forgotten part recommendation.
Finally, it also allows you to have a precise follow-up of the filling of your stocks in real time.


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