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Simplify your inventory management

The comfortable technology for a comfortable inventory management

The time wasted searching for products and counting them is impressive. This loss of time is really a loss of productivity because the less time we waste in selecting our products, going to look for them where they are stored and finally using them, the greater the production will be.

In this sense, the Centiloc solution will allow you to save precious minutes thanks to its geolocation system and a much simpler and more efficient search. In addition, our technology provides a certain comfort for their users in the inventory management because searching for products in the stocks could become tedious if the items searched for are constantly stored in different places, probably far from the initial place where they should be stored.

In terms of convenience, the Centiloc’s technology is accompanied by a digital twin. The latter makes it possible to know in real time where the items have been moved and exactly where their new locations are.

When a search is carried out on this digital twin, the pick to light system also present on the software will allow to see where exactly on the intelligent shelf the searched item is located. It is then much easier to transpose this to the physical shelf as the exact replica is on your computer or tablet.

Live inventory

Inventory management that is up to date

It’s time to put an end to the traditional practice of using paper and pencil to count how many products of a certain reference you have in stock or having to close your shop for inventory day. Our NFC-based solution will make the time-consuming task of stocktaking much easier.

Moreover, if you don’t take a good look at all the items in your stock, it is possible to make a mistake. However, when you have several hundred bottles that are completely identical in appearance, for example, knowing the exact number of each product present in a few seconds becomes a significant plus.

Finally, every item exchanged, moved or used is detected live to maintain a real-time inventory which can offer you a lot of possibilities concerning your stock management or your track and trace system.

Does it bring benefits ?

What are the real pluses in terms of inventory management?

Centiloc’s technology will allow a much more advanced use of a classic inventory. In fact, directly linked to the ERP, this technology will make it possible to avoid any stock shortage situation by making it possible to recommend certain parts exceeding a minimum threshold determined according to the need. In addition, this technology will allow us to waste less and throw away fewer perishable products and thus lose less money. Finally, it will facilitate and optimize the production process and save time and money.

The time saved is enormous, as it can take tens of minutes or even hours to search for all the elements we need each day, which can be very tiring for the person in charge of this task. The work becomes very hard because it affects the morale as well as the physical condition of each person and their well-being is a key for production. Centiloc finally proposes an inventory management system that is much more in line with the more modern vision of the industry and business in general.

Managing your inventory

The Centiloc technology is a tool to simplify your work life


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