Prevent stockouts 

The phenomeno of stockouts is clearly a significant issue for all  industries. Indeed, the most challenging aspect is that often, it is realized at the last moment that a product is out of stock. Adaptability must then come into play, but it still poses a risk to the production process.

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During the production process, it is crucial to have control over both available and missing resources. In this regard, stockouts pose a significant setback because if a component essential for the production of an item is missing, the entire production chain is affected.

The technology offered by Centiloc will enable a better understanding of stock management by providing fully  automated inventory tracking and thus the ability to manage stocks.



Continuing with the emphasis on prevention, it is possible to create alerts for stockouts. The Centiloc tool detects a critical threshold beyond which a quantity of components is at risk of running out of stock. This quantity can be chosen by the user so that when the volume of components falls below this threshold, an alert is issued to notify the user of the relatively low stock.

The ability to integrate this technology with the ERP can even enable automatic stock replenishment through this alert system. This facilitates stock management, preventing production line disruptions and avoiding delays due to a missing component.