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Centiloc Announces a €2 Million Fundraising with the Participation of 4 Key Investors, including Socomore Ventures.

Meyreuil, October 6, 2023 — Centiloc, the startup specializing in automatic inventory, is pleased to announce a successful fundraising operation, raising €2 million. This fundraising has garnered the interest of four key investors, including Socomore Ventures, thereby bringing additional expertise to the company.

Centiloc, headquartered in Meyreuil, is dedicated to streamlining inventory management through its cutting-edge technology based on NFC (Near Field Communication). This innovative technology aims to eliminate human errors and reduce inventory-related costs. The startup has already filed four international patents to protect its technological advancements.

This fundraising operation will enable Centiloc to accelerate its technological development based on NFC and expand into new markets while continuing to serve its existing customers.

Centiloc's CEO, Romain PALMADE, expressed his gratitude to the investors for their trust in the company's vision. He stated, "This fundraising is a significant milestone in our journey. We look forward to collaborating with our new partners, including Socomore Ventures, to strengthen our position in the inventory management sector."

Three of the investors, in addition to Socomore Ventures, are renowned business angels, bringing their expertise and financial support to Centiloc. Their involvement underscores the industry's confidence in Centiloc's ability to revolutionize inventory management.

Socomore Ventures is an investment fund dedicated to supporting startups and technologies relevant to the SOCOMORE Group, an expert in specialty chemical solutions for aerospace, transportation, and energy. Their financial support further strengthens Centiloc's position as an emerging leader in this field.

The future looks promising for Centiloc, with a steadfast commitment to innovation and enhancing NFC-based automatic inventory solutions. Stay informed about Centiloc's upcoming developments as the company continues its mission to modernize the inventory management industry.

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Centiloc is a startup based in Meyreuil, specializing in automatic inventory, aiming to simplify stock management for businesses through advanced NFC-based technological solutions. The company strives to enhance operational efficiency while reducing inventory management costs. Centiloc has filed four international patents to protect its technological advancements. For more information, visit