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What are the differences between track and trace?

First of all, we could simply define the difference between track and trace as the present location and the past location of a single object. Tracking an object will first allow you to know where it is, to be able to locate it. This can prevent any loss of either the object itself or the time spent searching for it. Secondly, tracking the object will allow you to know where the object has been. It will also help to avoid losing the object and save time in searching for it. It can also make it possible to check whether the object’s history corresponds to the process set up as part of the quality control. For example, some companies will just need to use a tool. If it is not in the right place, it will be impossible to use it and this can have more or less serious consequences on the production line.

Tracking could therefore make it possible to know exactly which smart shelf the tool has been stored on. A company may also need to trace the production of a final element. To do this, tracing will allow it to know if the right tool was used at the right time. It will even be possible to find out how long a tool has been held in the hand and used by an individual. All this form of tracing responds to the quality process set up within each industry or business in general. Knowing exactly where the tools are and whether the right tool has been used is a real assurance to avoid disappointment.

A solution for control

A tracking management system, essential tool for quality control

Track and trace stuff is not a simple task in complex environments where parts are moving across services and production lines. The main problem is that anyone can need an object and store it in a particular place that is not its original location.

However, if another individual finds himself in need of the same object and does not find it in its dedicated storage location, he does not know how to find it in order to use it.

Thus, there are two possibilities: to look for it and hope to find it without losing too much time, or to give up the idea of using the object and find a substitute. However, there is a risk that these lost objects will no longer comply with certain processes that are essential for the quality of the parts supplied. Tracking management will finally allow real control over the entire production chain in order to ensure that its specifications are respected so as not to encounter problems in the long term because a stage has been botched.

Accessible system

Track and trace for every type of business

This track and trace system will generally result in less money being lost because when tools are lost, they need to be replaced. But it is not only the tools that are affected, as some components, especially chemicals, may be out of date and therefore the quality cannot be approved. An internal study has shown us that around 30% of chemicals such as glues, solvents and other components are thrown away every year because they have passed their use-by date.

In order to combat this, Centiloc’s technology, thanks to its tracking management system, will make it possible to limit these losses with the aim of achieving zero loss. Productivity will also be impacted by saving time by locating objects and avoiding the need to search for them for several minutes.

Tracking system

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