Centiloc has made the judicious choice, against the current, of NFC technology to offer retailers complete connected solutions, sources of new customer experiences. These solutions also prove to be very effective tools for optimizing the supply and organization of stores.

The presence of connected shelves allows to control, with intelligence, the supply of the store, to realize in real time and in an automatic way inventories. The data collection allows to follow in real time: the purchased products, the conformity of the location of the products with the planogram (graphic representation indicating how the products must be placed and implanted in a department of the store, whether it is on a gondola, a shelf, a display). The analysis of this information allows us to visualize, via the application associated with the shelves, the places to be optimized, the products that work best and the product packs to be combined… We know the availability of each reference in real time, which helps prevent stock shortages.

The system allows to know with precision the customer’s behavior. It detects product handlings, measures hot spots… One of the strong points of the system is that it allows to interact with the customer. When a product is picked up, it can trigger an action such as the release of a video or the publication of an information sheet, suggest the association with other products or send promotions… By picking up items, the customer fills a virtual basket that he can pay with his phone without going to the cashier.

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