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A danger: out of stock

In the production process, it is important to have control over the resources available as well as those missing. In this sense, stock shortages represent a huge setback, since if a component enabling the production of an element is missing, the entire production chain is affected.

The technology proposed by Centiloc will thus enable better understanding of stock management by offering fully automatic inventory monitoring and thus the possibility of managing stocks.

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A solution: out-of-stock alerts

In order to be able to anticipate, it is possible to create alerts concerning stock shortages. The Centiloc tool will allow the detection of a quantity of components below which the risk of stock shortage may occur. This quantity can be chosen by the user so that when the volume of components falls below this threshold, an alert is issued to notify the user of the relatively low stock.

The possibility of linking this technology to the ERP system can even allow the stock to be filled automatically thanks to this alert system. This makes it easier to manage the stock and thus avoid blocking a production line and falling behind because of a missing item.


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