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Hybrid gameboard

NFC Gaming: a new step to hybrid game

With NFC technology, Centiloc has positioned itself in the development of new board games, a crossover between traditional games and video games. We have designed a game board that integrates an NFC sensor. It is powered wirelessly via a smartphone.
The dice and game pieces are equipped with tags and can be located in real time on screen. The addition of communicating equipment offers an enriched game experience thanks to the new interactions generated between players. This innovation is patented.

Why NFC?

NFC is a worldwide standard also known as Contactless. Wireless and energy-efficient charging of devices. A cheap technology and a solid and perennial start up. Invisible and patented technology that leaves plenty of room for playfulness.

With NFC gaming, nothing is impossible!

Smart boards

NFC Gaming, how it works?

The basic Set for using Centiloc Geolocation technology on Gaming is made of three parts:

An NFC Smartphone (iOS or Android)

  • Mobile device with NFC is mandatory to operate the board
  • Mobile phone powers the board when it’s placed on it
  • Will last several hours with mobile phone
  • Can Work When the mobile phone is charging
  • Angle can be made to position the mobile handset

A passive wireless gaming board

  • Free placement detection on all the surface of the board
  • Detection areas could be separated on same game board
  • The game board is even foldable

A NFC tag

  • You can tag everything! Cards, tiles, figures, dice, counters…
  • Data can be integrated into objects


Hybrid games new generation

Main benefits

Additional benefits

  • Count objects, horizontal and vertical, regardless of stacking style.
  • Show hidden information. There may be more information than meets the eye.
  • Detect movement, frequency and rotation.
  • Determine the distance between 2 objects using the game board.
  • The mobile device generates sounds triggered by events.
  • All the advantages of an application.
  • Combination of the 2 media: user-friendliness, warmth of the material used, appearance of the game board and calculation capacity, speed of implementation, special effects of the video game…
  • An alchemy that allows a new way of playing, rich in new mechanisms, with an original game experience.


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