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Inventory solution

Centiloc, a good way to simplify your inventory

An inventory solution that simplifies your daily work

Our technology will help you solve your inventory problems by making it easier to manage complex stocks.
This task is often tedious and therefore often postponed until it has to be done. In a conventional inventory, it is important that each item is placed exactly where it is supposed to be in order to facilitate searching. Sometimes, even when well arranged, a stockpile can be difficult to identify because humans may forget something or not see the items they are looking for.
However, it is very common for items to be moved around and therefore out of order. It is then impossible to find out who moved what in order to ask them where the new location of the required item is.
Furthermore, if a screw container that is supposed to be in one place is not there, it will not be counted in the inventory of the stock taken, but if we can locate it in another place, it will be counted. It is very important to be accurate and to spend as little time as possible looking for items and carrying out the inventory because time is precious in a large or small-scale production process.

A real-time inventory technology for a real-time need

Our system will give you real freedom to decide when you want to access your inventory. Indeed, no more long hours of stand-by because of an inventory to be done, today, Centiloc allows you to have an inventory in real time.
The main strength of having a technology that allows you to have your inventory in real time is that at any moment, it is possible to make a statement on the stocks. Indeed, when we are talking about a relatively large production, we can sometimes miss some items due to stock-outs but also, we can sometimes think of a stock-out because we can no longer find a certain item when in fact, we have some left but it is stored in the complete opposite of the initial location.
So, this inventory solution will allow us to find the items we are looking for much more quickly thanks to the live movement of all the items. It also becomes possible to set up alert messages for any kind of problem (wrong product, last available item used, expiry date of the product coming to an end…). As everything that happens on the smart shelves is captured in real time by the Centiloc sensors, the inventory is updated in real time.

Real time inventory

How does automated inventory work?

Each object, bottle, bin, or other element to be tracked has a tag that gives it its own ID. This way you can know exactly how many items of the same type are available and even how many are missing. This system can be refined at different times depending on your need to know your inventory.
This inventory solution uses NFC technology which can be combined with pick to light. We use the short reading distance criterion of NFC in order to be able to offer a very precise geolocation solution. Thus, it is possible to know the precise location on the smart shelf of each item the second the object is moved.

Moreover, there is no need to perform any manual operations since our solution allows you to make a fully automatic inventory. Thus, our inventory solution will allow you to combat various problems that you may encounter when taking inventory, such as knowing exactly the state of your stocks, refilling them if necessary, simplifying supplies and saving time and money.


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