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Small parts are hard to find

Today’s challenge for C-Part suppliers is to guarantee the best service to their customers. They have to provide the C-Part with the right quantities at the right time. No out of stock can be tolerated by customers as it will stop the production line and induce a lot of money wasted. So an OEM provider will track all the parts delivered to determine the remaining quantities of parts.

This is tracked at the bin level by using for example a Kanban system. With this solution two bins are placed in line, offering a first bin where the operators in the facility can pick the OEM needed. And a second bin dedicated to provisioning of parts in case that the first bin becomes empty.

Centiloc Solution will help to manage this ingenious system by digitalizing it. Customers will have a real time view of the Kanban bins to understand when restocking is needed to guarantee a continuous provisioning.


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